Referensi Penelitian Knowledge Management

Referensi Penelitian Knowledge Management

PERIODE 1990 – 1999

Towards a strategy for knowledge management
Blumentritt, Rolf; Johnston, Ron. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management11.3 (Sep 1999): 287-300.

Knowledge as work: Conflicts in the management of knowledge workers
Scarbrough, Harry. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management11.1 (Mar 1999): 5-16.

Financial risk and the need for superior knowledge management
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Successful Knowledge Management Projects
Davenport, Thomas H; De Long, David W; Beers, Michael C. Sloan Management Review39.2 (Winter 1998): 43-57.

Knowledge management: The way forward
Gore, Chris; Gore, Emma. Total Quality Management10.4/5 (Jul 1999): S554-S560.

Knowledge management and innovation at 3M
Brand, Adam. Journal of Knowledge Management2.1 (Sep 1998): 17-22.

Knowledge management in practice: An exploratory case study
Pan, Shan L; Scarbrough, Harry. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management11.3 (Sep 1999): 359-374.

The process of knowledge management within organizations: a critical assessment of both theory and practice
McAdam, Rodney; McCreedy, Sandra. Knowledge and Process Management6.2 (Jun 1999): 101-113.

Managing for quality through knowledge management
Lim, Kwang K; Ahmed, Pervaiz K; Zairi, Mohamed. Total Quality Management10.4/5 (Jul 1999): S615-S621.

Easing into knowledge management
Havens, Charnell; Knapp, Ellen. Strategy & Leadership27.2 (Mar/Apr 1999): 4-9.

Justifying knowledge management investments
Foster, Faren. Knowledge and Process Management6.3 (Sep 1999): 154-157.

Knowledge management and competition in the consulting industry
Sarvary, Miklos. California Management Review41.2 (Winter 1999): 95-107.

Brand knowledge management: Growing brand equity
Richards, Ian; Foster, David; Morgan, Ruth. Journal of Knowledge Management2.1 (Sep 1998): 47-54.

Expertise and knowledge management in public accounting professional services firms: A North American perspective
Gibbins, Michael; Wright, Arnold M. Australian Accounting Review9.3 (Nov 1999): 27-34.

Key ingredients to the success of an organization’s knowledge management strategy
Liebowitz, Jay. Knowledge and Process Management6.1 (Mar 1999): 37-40.

Knowledge management
Ettorre, Barbara. Management Review88.4 (Apr 1999): 8.

From embedded knowledge to embodied knowledge: New product development as knowledge management
Ravindranath Madhavan; Grover, Rajiv. Journal of Marketing62.4 (Oct 1998): 1-12.


PERIODE TAHUN 2000 – 2009

Knowledge management in the AEC sector: an exploration of the mergers and acquisitions context
Carrillo, Patricia; Anumba, Chimay. Knowledge and Process Management9.3 (Jul/Sep 2002): 149.

Linking human resource management and knowledge management via commitment: A review and research agenda
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Knowledge management and process innovation: The knowledge transformation path in Samsung SDI
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A holistic view of knowledge management strategy
Jasimuddin, Sajjad M. Journal of Knowledge Management12.2 (2008): 57-66.

The social psychology of knowledge management
Kimmerle, Joachim; Wodzicki, Katrin; Cress, Ulrike. Team Performance Management14.7/8 (2008): 381-401.

Disciplinary roots of knowledge management: a theoretical review
Jasimuddin, Sajjad M. International Journal of Organizational Analysis14.2 (2006): 171-180.

Studying knowledge management in information systems research: Discourses and theoretical assumptions
Schultz, Ulrike; Leidner, Dorothy E. MIS Quarterly26.3 (Sep 2002): 213-242.

A model of knowledge acquisition that refocuses knowledge management
John Van Beveren. Journal of Knowledge Management6.1 (2002): 18.

The knowledge management puzzle: Human and social factors in knowledge management
Thomas, J C; Kellogg, W A; Erickson, T. IBM Systems Journal40.4 (2001): 863-884.

Knowledge management in knowledge-intensive service networks: A strategic management approach
Evanschitzky, Heiner; Ahlert, Dieter; Blaich, Günther; Kenning, Peter. Management Decision45.2 (2007): 265.

Strategic Knowledge Management Research: Tracing The Co-Evolution Of Strategic Management And Knowledge Management Perspectives
Bo Bernhard Nielsen. Competitiveness Review15.1 (2005): 1-13.

Application of knowledge management technology in customer relationship management
Bose, Ranjit; Sugumaran, Vijayan. Knowledge and Process Management10.1 (Jan-Mar 2003): 3-17.

The processes of knowledge management in professional services firms in the construction industry: a critical assessment of both theory and practice
Fong, Patrick S W; Choi, Sonia K Y. Journal of Knowledge Management13.2 (2009): 110-126.

An overall view of knowledge management challenges for global business
Veli Denizhan Kalkan. Business Process Management Journal14.3 (2008): 390-400.

Business process modeling through the knowledge management perspective
Brane Kalpic; Bernus, Peter. Journal of Knowledge Management10.3 (2006): 40-56.

Managing human resources toward achieving knowledge management
Salleh Yahya; Wee-Keat Goh. Journal of Knowledge Management6.5 (2002): 457-468.

The application of knowledge management in call centres
Koh, S C L; Gunasekaran, A; Thomas, A; Arunachalam, S. Journal of Knowledge Management9.4 (2005): 56-69.

Knowledge management audit framework and methodology based on processes
Wang, Jiankang; Xiao, Jiuling. Journal of Technology Management in China4.3 (2009): 239-249.

Knowledge management, innovation and firm performance
Darroch, Jenny. Journal of Knowledge Management9.3 (2005): 101-115.

Knowledge management as a catalyst for innovation within organizations: a qualitative study
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Knowledge, management, and knowledge management in business operations
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Knowledge management issues in knowledge-intensive SMEs
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Mapping the field: knowledge management
Wolfe, Mark. Canadian Journal of Communication28.1 (2003): 85-109.

Knowledge management in three financial organisations: a case study
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Anatomy of a failed knowledge management initiative: lessons from PharmaCorp’s experiences
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Knowledge management in a public organization: a study on the relationship between organizational elements and the performance of knowledge transfer
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Harnessing knowledge for innovation: an integrated management framework
Goh, Andrew L S. Journal of Knowledge Management9.4 (2005): 6-18.

The rise of knowledge towards attention management
Davenport, Thomas H; Volpel, Sven C. Journal of Knowledge Management5.3 (2001): 212-221.

Systems thinking on knowledge and its management: Systems methodology for knowledge management
Gao, Fei; Li, Meng; Nakamori, Yoshiteru. Journal of Knowledge Management6.1 (2002): 7.

Integrating knowledge management technologies in organizational business processes: getting real time enterprises to deliver real business performance
Malhotra, Yogesh. Journal of Knowledge Management9.1 (2005): 7-28.

Knowledge management capability: defining knowledge assets
Freeze, Ronald D; Kulkarni, Uday. Journal of Knowledge Management11.6 (2007): 94-109.

Knowledge Management In Its Context: Adapting Structure To A Knowledge Creating Culture
Sabri, Hala. International Journal of Commerce & Management15.2 (2005): 113-128.

The potential use of knowledge management for training: A review and directions for future research
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Knowledge management in the public sector: stakeholder partnerships in the public policy development
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Understanding the Antecedents of Effective Knowledge Management: The Importance of a Knowledge-Centered Culture*
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Role of leadership in knowledge management: a study
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Mechanisms for knowledge management systems effectiveness: an exploratory analysis
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Efficiencies from knowledge management technologies in a military enterprise
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A blueprint for the implementation of process-oriented knowledge management
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Knowledge management at SMEs: five peculiarities
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Reviewing the knowledge management literature: Towards a toxonomy
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From tacit knowledge to knowledge management: leveraging invisible assets
Kakabadse, Nada K; Kouzmin, Alexander; Kakabadse, Andrew. Knowledge and Process Management8.3 (Jul/Sep 2001): 137.

A cultural perspective on knowledge management: the success story of Sarkuysan company
Dilek Zamantili Nayir; Ülkü Uzunçarsili. Journal of Knowledge Management12.2 (2008): 141-155.

Knowledge management for Chinese medicines: a conceptual model
Iat Long Alex Lai. Information Management & Computer Security13.2/3 (2005): 244-255.

Reconfiguring knowledge management – combining intellectual capital, intangible assets and knowledge creation
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A new institutional reading of knowledge management technology adoption
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Defining knowledge management (KM) activities: towards consensus
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Knowledge Management in Organizations
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A strategy for knowledge management
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Knowledge-enabled customer relationship management: Integrating customer relationship management and knowledge management concepts[1]
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Perceptions of knowledge management and intellectual capital in the banking industry
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A contingency model for knowledge management capability and innovation
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Contributing to Global Management Knowledge: A Case for High Quality Indigenous Research
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Knowledge management convergence – expanding learning frontiers
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Dilemmas in knowledge management
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Positioning change readiness in knowledge management research
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Knowledge Management Practices in Indian Companies
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Knowledge Management In The Architectural Design Firms: Perspective Of Turkey Aec Industry
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Knowledge management in service encounters: impact on customers’ satisfaction evaluations
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A Conceptual Model for Success in Implementing Knowledge Management: A Case Study in Tehran Municipality
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The Effect Of Market Knowledge Management Competence On Business Performance: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
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Knowledge Management and Innovation Capacity
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Knowledge Management In Public Sector
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Knowledge Management Strategy in Professional Service Firms
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